About Me

Hello!  I’m Lauren Harris, the owner of Lauren Blair Photography.   I’m a senior portrait artist serving the Northwest Arkansas cities of Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Bella Vista, Fort Smith, and surrounding areas!  I love photographing bubbly, fashion forward high school girls (and their families!).  I have a loving husband, two adorable (and mischievous) young boys, and a rescue dog that sleeps more than any creature I’ve ever known.  I am entirely too obsessed with Anthropologie, J. Crew, and Sperry’s, jalapeño chips, and anything made with chocolate.  Can too much chocolate ever be a bad thing??

I’m passionate about my work with high school aged girls because I remember what a vulnerable but exciting time the high school years can be.  This time in a girl’s life is filled with so many possibilities of what is to come but along with that comes lots of heartache and change.  My goal is to help these young ladies realize how special, important, and beautiful they are in a culture that consistently delivers the message of ‘perfection’ as important above everything else.

I’ve been published in two magazines (Senior Style Guide and Modern Teen Style) as well as Clickin’ Moms’ book “Laughter”.  I’ve been featured on Lemonade & Lenses, Senior Style Guide, Denim & Grace, Seniorologie, In Beauty & Chaos, and the Clickin’ Moms blog.  In 2014, my images were winners in both the Senior Style Guide’s Hot 100 contest as well as Denim & Grace’s ‘Best of 2014 Images’ contest.  I’ve enjoyed being a Pro on the Clickin’ Moms forum and I’m excited to see what the future holds!

My approach to senior portraiture is fresh & modern but with a classic edge.  Your senior portraits should reflect who you are at this important time in your life but they should also withstand the test of time.  This is your year – let’s celebrate you!!!


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